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Xinchen China Power Holdings Limited (“Power Xinchen”) is one of the leading automotive engine manufacturers in the independent branded segment of the PRC passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle engine market. Power Xinchen develops, manufactures and sells light-duty gasoline and diesel engines used by various domestic and international passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle manufacturers. Power Xinchen currently manufactures and sells over 30 models of automotive engines, installed in a wide range of passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles, including sedans, sport utility vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, small and minibuses, small and light-duty trucks.

Our engines have received numerous awards in recognition of their quality and performance. Among them, the brand “XCE新晨中国” enjoys high brand recognition in the PRC automotive industry and was named as one of the “Top 10 Brands for Diesel Engines” by the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and China Automotive News in 2010. Power Xinchen believes that we are one of the few domestic light-duty gasoline and diesel engine manufacturers in China with the research and development capabilities to independently develop automotive engines.

Recently, the Group expanded into engine assembly business for a world-wide renowned passenger vehicle manufacturer and engine parts and components business. The Group is engaged in the manufacture and sale of core engine parts and components for both international and domestic passenger vehicles.